Parents are active partners at Vanier. You know your child's needs and strengths. We bring the team and programs.

Together, we make it better.

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Vanier is a leader in children's mental health. Our quality services target problems early, so that kids have a better chance to become healthy adults.

We help families change and grow.

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Parenting is one of the toughest jobs going. Add mental health problems and it's even tougher. Vanier helps more than 1,000 children every year overcome depression, anxiety, ADHD and more.

Confidential. No judgment. We're here for you.

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In Crisis

The Crisis Intake Team (CIT) is ready for your call.

Our Stories
I need everyone to know that Madame Vanier makes a difference, I'm living proof!" Christine Trachy is indeed a very deserving recipient of this year's Roots and Wings Award. As a young child, Christine was the victim of abuse and was unable to live with her parents who faced their own struggles with mental illness and alcoholism. At the age of six, she was adopted, but as with many children who have suffered trauma at an early age, Christine struggled with adolescence. It was at this time of crisis that Christine entered the residential treatment program at Vanier. Although at the time she did not want to be at Vanier, Christine now acknowledges as she has grown older, how much the staff of Vanier gave to her, "They taught me that I am my own person, capable of achieving all my dreams." Triumphantly overcoming adversities that she faced early in life, today Christine is a well-adjusted young woman who is indeed pursuing her dreams. Happily married with two daughters, she currently studies at the University of Western Ontario. Her goal is to become a social worker so that she can "give a small piece back to the community of what has been given to me." Christine takes time out of her busy schedule to volunteer at Vanier, helping children who are now walking the difficult path that she once took. Congratulations on your achievements, Christine, you are an inspiration to us all.  
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This article, from the website "Edutopia", explains why teaching children to be kind to each other is important and how it helps prevent bullying, depressio
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