Parents are active partners at Vanier. You know your child's needs and strengths. We bring the team and programs.

Together, we make it better.

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Vanier is a leader in children's mental health. Our quality services target problems early, so that kids have a better chance to become healthy adults.

We help families change and grow.

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Parenting is one of the toughest jobs going. Add mental health problems and it's even tougher. Vanier helps more than 1,000 children every year overcome depression, anxiety, ADHD and more.

Confidential. No judgment. We're here for you.

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In Crisis

The Crisis Intake Team (CIT) is ready for your call.

Our Stories
As a young boy, David experienced difficulties at home and in the community. His involvement with Vanier, including the residential treatment program, focused on working through family and personal issues. David credits Vanier with 'opening his eyes' and helping him to 'put things into perspective.' David did the hard work and faced his challenges with personal courage. As a successful adult, David decided that he wanted to give back to Vanier and returned as a volunteer. The combination of his own childhood experiences with his personal warmth and generosity has resulted in a volunteer who is truly an exemplary role model for children currently struggling with adversity. In 2001, David received the Vanier Excellence in Volunteering award for his ongoing commitment to making a difference in the lives of children. David, we are very proud of your accomplishments.
Bonnie's Blog
This time next week, kids will be back in the classroom.  Another summer, such as it was weatherwise, has raced by and everyone's gearing up for the retur
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Blues Masters - Fundraiser - August 31st _____________________________________ Celebrating 50 Years of Children's Mental Health Service Delivery 1965-2015 _____________________________________ Congrat